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Koh Samet Surprise

Samed Trip : 29-30  Mar’08

When I first heard about this trip from my friend Joel…I said NO thanks…because at that time I was at Rawai beach in the south of Thailand on vacation. But when I heard my friend P’Tang (Martin) was coming and all my salsa friends were going too, my decision changed. I think it’s not the place that is important but who we are going with!!

Koh Samed is not too far from Bangkok—just 3 hrs drive.  We took a van from Victory Monument (in front of Pong Lee building) and then took a ferry for about 35 minutes to get to Koh Samed…then we hopped on a small open-air bus just 10 minutes to get to our Bungalow. The room was fine but there was no toilet in the room…but the food was great!!! The services were more than fair for the price we paid, you could not find a place for so inexpensive with such high quality in the world!!!  Actually we did not expect to get such good service.

But I haven’t mentioned the most important thing—the BEACH was more beautiful than I thought…(as you can see the pictures).   We had a great time! It was fun playing volleyball on the beach, but my skin turned dark from the sun 🙁 …we are Thai we love to be white 🙂

I would go there again…

posted by Waew (April 12, 2008)

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