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How to incorporate your travel photos into your home décor

By Virginia Munsterman of Aspen Leaf Interiors

You’ve just arrived home from a fantastic vacation and your camera’s memory card is positively brimming with photos. If you’re like most people, you might post a few on a social networking site and upload the rest to the cloud or Dropbox, where they’ll more than likely sit unseen indefinitely.

Projects-Photo Display Rack 1
Photo by Jerry and Pat Donaho, Flickr

It’s easy for these images to be uploaded and forgotten, but in fact there really is no reason why these photos should not become a part of your home decor.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice for incorporating travel photos into a space is to focus on some element of congruity. When a similar element is repeated throughout a set of photographs, it pulls them together. And rather than having a disjointed array of images on your wall, the photos appear crafted into a tasteful collection.

Here a few ideas for finding congruity amongst your photographs:

Focus on a common color
You’ll always be able to find a background with some blues or yellows or pinks in your travels. Pick a color that you’re fond of or one that you’ll find often on your trip and turn that into a point of commonality. (See the photo above for a great example of color tying all the photos together.)

Black and white or sepia
If the color isn’t an option for you, another way to bring your photos together is to print them in Sepia tones or Black and White. This way, the visual chaos that can come from too many colors is removed, and what you’re left with is a pleasing, calm series of photos that draws your eye inward.

Framed !
Photo by Craig Sunter, Flickr

Print a variety of sizes of photos and don’t be afraid to mix up the frames to add interest. But again, focus on keeping a sense of congruity through these images, whether through color or theme.

Hallway - After
Photo by Kathleen, Flickr

Pick one, and make it a good one
The last and best piece of advice for travel photography is a bit more complicated, but results in a lovely arrangement. It requires a bit of planning beforehand:

  • Choose your composition: Before your trip, practice taking photographs using a certain specific composition of your choosing.
  • Take your photo carefully: Locate a striking scene on your trip and utilize your composition style. (Make an effort to ensure that the photograph is ideal – everyone’s eyes are open, the exposure is good, the composition is appealing and the photo is taken on your camera’s highest quality setting.)
  • Choose wisely: Pick a single image from each trip that has this similar composition.

Once you have enough of these photos, you can create a collage that highlights each image without feeling overwhelmed.

My Life In Pictures - 10th Nov, 6pm
Photo by Kris Williams, Flickr

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