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Ballooning in Bagan

Bagan hot air ballooning

Edna and Steve Kornberg traveled with Journeys Within for a month-long tour through Myanmar, taking in many different destinations in this remarkable country. In this blog post, we’ll share some of Edna’s beautiful photos from their experience hot air ballooning over the temples at Bagan.

“We feel this was one of the so many highlights of our trip.  It was one thing to go inside each of these temples, or stupas, one at a time, but to get an overview of them like this was breathtaking. As you’ll notice, there are three different colored balloons – red, yellow and green. These represent the colors of Myanmar and each color is from a different company. We were in the green ones. You’ll see how high we were able to get as well as how low. In one photo you’ll see our basket very close to the top of another balloon. It was not scary at all. The company was very safety conscious and our pilot was such a pro. I even stood on the seat (with Steve holding onto my pants!) to get better shots… Up, up and away.”

 All photos by Edna Kornberg.

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