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Celebrating Narla’s 10-year anniversary

Every year at about this time, we tend to look back and remember all of the things and people we are thankful for. And this year, we’re especially thankful for Narla Phay, who is celebrating 10 years of working at Journeys Within Tour Company this month.

Over the last 10 years, Narla has made a huge difference in the tours of thousands of Journeys Within guests, and we can truly say the company wouldn’t be the same without him.

To celebrate his 10-year anniversary, we asked Narla to answer a few questions, solicited feedback from some of the longtime Journeys Within staff members, and put together a great slideshow of Narla’s tenure with Journeys Within here.


Journeys Within: When you first started working for Journeys Within, did you think you’d still be with the company 10 years later? If not, what did you think you’d be doing instead?

Narla: I stated working with Journeys Within in April 2006 as a front desk guy at the Journeys Within Boutique Hotel. I did think I’d still be with the company after the first year working there. I love the idea of how the company is run.

JW: What is your favorite memory from the past 10 years?

Narla: There are many favorite memories from the past 10 years, but there are a few that stick out. First, graduating from university through the JWOC Scholarship Project because I was about to drop out of school before I get the job at Journeys Within. Second, when Andrea gave the role of Tour Country Director to me in 2008. I was really nervous that I might not do the job right, but it turned out well. Third would have to be my first trip out of country for 16 days to Vietnam with Andrea’s family in 2008. It was the dream come true because I never thought I’d be able to be on the airplane and experience such an incredible trip.

JW: What has been the most difficult part of the job?

Narla: Studying English as a second language and being unable to write perfect English is the most difficult part of the job. I always want to do an excellent job, but when it’s time to write official emails to our suppliers, team or guests, sometime I worry that I might make some mistakes.

JW: How has Journeys Within changed over the past 10 years?

Narla: The company has changed so much during the past 10 years. I remember Linda was running the Tour Plan system and I was running the Ground Operations, while sharing the office on the ground floor of the main building at the hotel. Back then there were only a few people working in the tour company in Cambodia, and there was so much stuff for me to do including the hotel work, which I loved so much. We were small when we started and the package tours we provided were limited.

JW: What do you hope for over the next 10 years?

Narla: For the next 10 years I hope Journeys Within continues to be one of the best tour companies around for providing unique experiences with outstanding service to travelers from all around the world. I think one of the keys to our success will be more cooperation with overseas partners from the U.S., Australia and Europe. I also hope our company name will be well known by the big media outlets, helping us spread our name and expertise worldwide. And I hope we continue to have such a good time doing it.


What Journeys Within Staff are saying…

Andrea Ross: Because Narla is a scholarship student he often accompanies guests when they’re visiting and learning about JWOC. On one occasion we had a wonderful guest who had donated a microloan to a single mom. Narla came back from taking the guest to meet the loan recipient and I asked him how it went:

“Well, the loan recipient cried, because she couldn’t believe that her luck was changing, and the guest cried because she was so happy to change a life like that.” I looked at him and said, “oh wow, what did you do?”

His eyes got big, “Oh, it was amazing, I cried too!”

Narla has a heart of gold. I have also been lucky enough to travel all over the world with him, but my favorite trip I ever took was returning with him to his hometown and staying with his family in their house on stilts. He is as lovely and hardworking as he is because of his lovely family and my kids and I were honored to be their guests.

April Cole: When Narla first came to America he visited our office and we offered him a glass of water. I walked over to the sink and poured him a glass of water and he paused.

“You can drink water straight from the sink???!” he said. “America is awesome.”

I still think of that every time I pour myself a glass of water from the sink.


Anna Baldwin: Some of my happiest memories of working with Narla are when he came to visit me in the UK to help me exhibit at the World Travel Market. In addition to having his amazing support throughout the show, it was such a special experience being able to show him where I grew up and to reunite him with my family whom he had already met during their previous visits to Cambodia.

Throughout the trip we explored England’s cities and countryside, and he was continuously asking questions about everything from history to food to politics, as well as sharing his own experiences and knowledge about Cambodia and other countries he had travelled to.

Any friends or family that met him said the same thing about Narla – what an impressive and charming young man. His curiosity, intelligence and drive have led him to some amazing places, but it is his positive, generous and open-hearted personality that makes him one of the most loved and respected members of the Journeys Within team.

Click here for more photos of Narla through the years

Year 10: 2013

We truly hope that our blog readers have had as much fun reflecting on the past 10 years as we have.  Through these pictures we’ve been able to show how Journeys Within embodies the slogan “Six Countries, One Team, Countless Experiences”. Thank you for taking the time to share these memories with us – here’s to the countless experiences over the next 10 years!

2013 cycling northern vietnam

Andrea is currently in Southeast Asia for touring and inspections and she’ll be blogging about her current trip. Although the 10 year blogs are done, stay tuned for blogs about what’s happening in Southeast Asia right now.

We wanted to end the 10 year anniversary blogs on a special note. With that, be sure to click the link and watch the video the team made for guide training 2013 here – Everybody Dance Now.



Launched Journeys Within Luxury Experiences

Andrea named a judge for the Conde Nast Traveler World Savers Awards


Conde Nast Traveler: The Dreammakers: Wendy Perrin’s Top 150 Travel Specialists

ArchetypeMe: Tomorrow’s Trips Today: Cambodia

Salon: Your vacation is unethical

Asia Newswire: Journeys Within extends its philanthropic reach underwater

Way Beyond Borders: ‘Pinch me’ moments in Southeast Asia

Your Travel Choice: A Sustainable Journey in Angkor Wat

Key Hires: 

Courtney Ridgel:

What year did join Team Journeys Within?: 


What were your thoughts of the company that first year?: 

I thought that this was a great opportunity to get into an International Company that still operates with the efficiency and comradery of a small company.  I really am interested in different people and cultures and I was so excited at the new adventure that Journeys Within presented.


Sokunna Chhe:

What year did join Team Journeys Within?:


What were your thoughts of the company that first year?:

I preferred to work in the tour company because it is my dream and I quite love this job.

Miranda Minassian:

What year did join Team Journeys Within?:


What were your thoughts of the company that first year?:

Over the year I have learned that what makes this company special is definitely the amazing cast of character we have working together. Everyone who works at Journeys Within, whether in California or on the ground in Southeast Asia is unique, passionate and giving of themselves. It makes for a great work environment and an unbelievable product.

Special Memories from 2013:

2013 andrea anna and binh
Andrea, Anna and Binh find the perfect temple
2013 andrea in cv
Andrea on a boat trip to the Cham Islands.
2013 anna and her boyfriend
Anna and her friend
2013 april and chris myanmar
April and Chris in Bagan
2013 bangko gt
Andrea and Ron head to Amita Thai Cooking School in Bangkok
2013 bee
Bee, don’t jump!
2013 binh
Binh parasailing in Central Vietnam
2013 central vietnam
A picture perfect bike ride in Central Vietnam
2013 cnetral vietnam guides
Andrea, Anna and Binh at guide training in Central Vietnam
2013 elephants
A mama and her calf at Patara Elephant Farm, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
2013 flight of the gibbons
The Journeys Within team at Flight of the Gibbon in Siem Reap, Cambodia
2013 hoi an
The sunset in Hoi An
2013 jw at the circus
Team JW at Phare Circus, Siem Reap
2013 makara narla kanika and linda
Makara, Narla, Kanika and Linda at dinner after the circus
2013 myanmar
Ngapali Beach, Myanmar
2013 Rosie and Holly April
Rosie and Holly April, Khoa and Michelle’s daughters
575441_10200542513938242_468084659_n (2)
Regine and April meet the Bangkok team at Calypso Show in Bangkok
575447_10200542515538282_1771363924_n (2)
Regine and April at Lebua State Tower in Bangkok
734009_10200542497817839_1464825924_n (2)
A football game in the Shan state in Myanmar
935493_10200542515738287_918523562_n (2)
Songkran Festival in Bangkok
1010957_10151431963872391_569871954_n (2)
Phare Circus performers, Siem Reap
Halong Bay 6
Courtney on a boat in Halong Bay

Employee Reflections: Thailand

Our Thailand office is always busy making sure all Journeys Within tours run as smooth as “Thai silk”! In our Employee reflections we’ve interviewed our Thailand office staff, Joy and Dream, as well as our top two guides, Ron and Bee.

bee and ron

You might be asking why Ron and Bee answered their questions together. The answer is, Ron and Bee do everything together! Not only are they two of our top Bangkok guides, but they once worked together in the booking office and they are the best of friends.

Ron Loonar & Chutimon “Bee” Sitthiwong:


What are your thoughts about Journeys Within now?:

JW has much more improved in every ways and growing constantly strong.

What are your thoughts on the next ten years (or just the future) for Journeys Within?:

Still the be the leading expert Indochina tour company.

What is your favorite memory working with Journeys Within?

We both have learnt a lot from the Journeys Within team, how to work as a good team. The happiest moment for us was when we traveled to Cambodia in 2012 to meet all our Journeys Within team.

Nichapat “Dream” Satthaton:


What are your thoughts about Journeys Within now?

Journeys Within offer best environment to work which will help me to give my best to you.

What are your thoughts on the next ten years (or just the future) for Journeys Within?

In next ten years, I want to see this company at the peak where I am also one of the responsible employee for this.

What is your favorite memory working with Journeys Within?

The memory about Journeys Within for me is I get the best colleague who can share experience with me.

Kanchana “Joy” Junglin:


What are your thoughts about Journeys Within now?

Ability to attract guests by serving them with the excellent services.

What are your thoughts on the next ten years (or just the future) for Journeys Within?

Hopefully the company will experience rapid growth .

What is your favorite memory working with Journeys Within?

I love that this is a family firm.

Year 9: 2012

In our 9th year big things happened at Journeys Within – National Geographic Magazine named our Mekong Experience tour a “Tour of a Lifetime”, JWOC partnered with the Cambodian Ministry of Education to provide 32 schools with clean water, Andrea was named as an A-List Travel Agent by Travel + Leisure, and so much more – read on to find out more milestones of 2012.




Journeys Within and The Marine Megafauna Foundation run the first Myanmar Culture and Conservation Tour

Mekong Experience tour was named a “Tour of a Lifetime” by National Geographic

Andrea named A List travel agent by Travel + Leisure Magazine

JWOC partners with Cambodian Ministry of Education to provide 32 schools with clean water.

Andrea, Callie and Couper moved to the US full time


National Geographic Traveler Magazine: 2012 Tours of a Lifetime

Conde Nast Traveler: 32 Trips of a Lifetime

Adventures All Around: Journeys Within Boutique Hotel

Trekaroo: Cambodia with Kids? Oh Yes!

Key Hires: 

Anna Baldwin:

What year did join Team Journeys Within?:


What were your thoughts of the company that first year?:

It was a pretty big move for me as I took over operations on the ground, almost immediately, so I’ll be honest it was all pretty daunting at first! But after no time at all I realized I had nothing to worry about. The reason Journeys Within is in my view one of the top tour companies in Southeast Asia is because it has one of the most talented and hardworking teams in the industry. Every single member of the company brings something new and exciting, with a unique passion and skill that develops every year. That first year I was introduced to some incredible people, from the guides that look after our guests on the ground,  to our amazing Country Directors who help us develop these unique tours that set us apart us from other companies. Working with these people has taught me more than I ever could have hoped for or imagined.

Michelle Crawford:

What year did join Team Journeys Within?:


What were your thoughts of the company that first year?:

A company that cares about their customers

Special Memories from 2012:

2012 andrea and nicole in klaos
Andrea and Nicole attend a Baci ceremony in Laos
2012 andrea and the girls
Andrea and the girls at the waterfall at Kulen Mountain, Siem Reap, Cambodia
2012 anna on a horse
Anna goes horseback riding at Happy Ranch in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
2012 april and kids song saa
April and her kids at Song Saa private island in Cambodia
2012 april and kids
April, Gavin and Scarlett at the waterfalls in Kulen
2012 directors meeting 1
Couper, Brandon, Jeab, Santhou, Bee and Ron on their way to a team building activity in Siem Reap, Cambodia
2012 directors meeting horseback riding
Team JW rides off into the sunset. Siem Reap, Cambodia
2012 directors meeting view
The sun sets into the flooded rice patties in Siem Reap, Cambodia
2012 dre and drea
Andrea Ross and Andrea Marshall lead the Myanmar Culture and Conservation tour
2012 dre and the lady
Andrea had the rare opportunity to see “The Lady” Aung San Suu Kyi speak in Myanmar
2012 drea truckee
Andrea makes Truckee, CA her new home
2012 drea
Andrea at the Directors meeting
2012 gavin and couper
Couper and Gavin playing games while picnicing at Kulen Mountain
2012 gavin
Gavin explores the temples in the Rolous Group
2012 helicopter narla andrea anna
Narla, Andrea and Anna take a helicopter ride above Angkor Wat
2012 kanika
Kanika at the Directors Meeting
2012 kiao scarlett callie and sabai
One of my all time favorite pictures. Scarlett, Callie, Sabai and Kiao at Kulen Moutnain
2012 leak and kanika
Sreyleak, Win Win and Kanika enjoy a picnic at Kulen Mountain
2012 linda and leak
Linda and Leak are ready to go horseback riding!
2012 linda
Linda’s got her eye on you. Watch out!
2012 luang prbanag
Catching the sunset in Luang Prabang
2012 monk 2
Anna always takes the most beautiful portraits on her travels. She shared this one she took of a monk at Angkor Wat.
2012 myanmar conservation tour
The Myanmar Culture and Conservation Tour group
2012 narla
Narla at the Directors Meeting
2012 nicole and andrea
Nicole and Andrea aren’t afraid to get muddy when they are out on tour in Laos!
2012 nicole
Nicole on a boat.
2012 phaneg
Phaeng on a boat.
2012 santhou
Santhou on a boat. (Have you noticed we have a theme going on here? Lots of boats in Southeast Asia!)
2012 scarlett
Scarlett loves the new Journeys Within Boutique Hotel Kidz CLub
2012 sina and scarlett
Sina and Scarlett explore the temples.
2012 song saa
The sunset at Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia
2012 team jw 2
Team JW gathers for a group photo at a secluded temple after their horseback ride
2012 team jw 3
Journeys Within will make you, Jump! Jump!
JW Jr. hard at work in the Truckee, CA office
dre in truckee
Andrea enjoys the winter at her new California home.
2012 anna and andrea at the siam
Anna and Andrea at The Siam hotel in Bangkok, Thailand
2012 bangkok
Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand
2012 breakfast
Somebody’s got to try the breakfast to make sure it’s good enough for our guests. These waffles at The Siam hotel breakfast got the thumbs up from us!
2012 cambodia 2
Kids and water buffalo, as seen from a bike ride through Siem Reap, Cambodia
2012 nicole in laos
Nicole on a boat. Again.
2012 team bike ride
Team JW get some rest after a beautiful bike ride to the temples in Siem Reap.
2012 view of angkor wat
The view of Angkor Wat from the helicopter

Year 8: 2011

In our 8th year, Journeys Within B & B became Journeys Within Boutique Hotel. Even with the hotel construction keeping things busy, the team still managed to make a lot of memories traveling around the region, making 2011 a very photogenic year!




Journeys Within receives Global Vision Award from Travel + Leisure Magazine

Launched Journeys Within Family Adventure Tours

Journeys Within B & B becomes Journeys Within Boutique Hotel, opening 5 new guest rooms, a spa and a restaurant


Los Angeles Times: Beyond Angkor, Cambodia, a Khmer kingdom emerges from the jungle

Conde Nast Traveler: Andrea Ross – Top Travel Specialist

Budget Travel Real Deals: BT Flashback: Cambodia

The Constant Traveler: Travel Pioneers in Southeast Asia

Travel Weekly: An exceptional tour, traced to its roots

The Perrin Post: Family Travel Contest: Tips for International Travel with Kids

Shanghai Talk Magazine: Stepping Out & Giving Back

Key Hires:

Binh Houng:

What year did join Team Journeys Within?:


What were your thoughts of the company that first year?:

For me, I have worked officially with Journeys Within since 2011 but I met Andrea in April 2010. We did great trip to Quang Ngai Long Wall, at that time it seemed that we are the first foreign group find the way to go there. And that was on my birthday, 3rd April and Andrea had a very kind decision: I can go home earlier and she will go to airport by herself. I can enjoy my birthday with my family. That was the first time I worked with her. She made me think about a real boss. So I met her and worked with Journeys Within’s clients until January of 2011. Of course, I agreed without being worry when she asked me to work as full time guide for Journeys Within.

Kanika Peou:

What year did join Team Journeys Within?:


What were your thoughts of the company that first year?:

In first year, I thought that Journeys Within is quite busy because at that time Tour Company at Journeys Within Hotel were stayed together and it is under construction.


Special Memories from 2011:

2011 callie in kep
Callie relaxes in a hammock in Kep
2011 cambodia
A typical commute in Cambodia
2011 couper and the girls in kep
Couper, Srey Nut and Chen on a boat to Rabbit Island in Kep, Cambodia
2011 jwbh construction
The ever so stylish construction crew hard at work on the new bungalows at Journeys Within Boutique Hotel.
2011 kids playing at phic noy
Kids at play at Phik Noy in Luang Prabang, Laos.
2011 laos
Nicole captures the beauty of this sleepy village in Laos
2011 phnom penh
Andrea, Srey Nut, Chen, Couper and Callie hang out with a bear on a tour of the Phnom Tamao Zoo in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2011 sunset in kep
A picture perfect sunset in Kep, Cambodia
Brandon rides through the floods in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Flooding at Journeys Within Boutique Hotel.
The Journeys Within Boutique Hotel staff are all smiles while they work!
After living in Cambodia for years, Andrea still loves to explore hidden temples
Couper gets a visit from a friend from the US! Griffin and Couper discussing very important fishing skills before heading out for a swim.
A lone house among the flooded rice patties in Siem Reap, Cambodia
2011 april with a calf
April with a calf in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
2011 bangkok team
The Bangkok team and April enjoy dinner together
Callie and I on our way to Jeab's house
Andrea and Callie on their way to Jeab’s house in Bangkok
Andrea Ross and her best friend Andrea Marshall tour Thailand together
Andrea and Callie at the beach
I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get much cuter than this picture of Callie in her pink tutu swim suit in the crystal clear waters
Callie tries out the famous street food in Bangkok
The Andreas on tour with Callie and friends
Callie always finds the camera – say cheese!
Couper, Chen, Srey Nut and Callie on tour in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Being kids at Rabbit Island
Best friends at Rabbit Island – Kep, Cambodia.
The Journeys Within Boutique Hotel staff and their families
Sunday Art Class at Journeys Within Our Community
Family of four on a single moto in Siem Reap, Cambodia
DSC_0037 (2)
A family on tour visits the village where they donated a water well through JWOC.
Srey Nut, Callie and Chen on a tuk tuk on their way to a play date in Siem Reap
Couper on an island in Halong Bay
Callie and Couper visit with their Nana in Halong Bay
Binh at the Long Wall of Quang Ngai
Andrea and Binh sit down with a villager at the Long Wall
Brandon, Callie, Couper, Jo and Toby on a family vacation in Vietnam
Andrea remembers her river guiding skills and steers the boat in the Mekong
DSC_0433 (2)
Rosie, Khoa and Michelle’s daughter, on the Mekong in Vietnam
DSC_0427 (2)
Couper serenades Rosie and Callie while on a boat in the Mekong.
Callie and Andrea in Dalat, Vietnam
Callie and Couper giving alms at a temple in Vietnam
Andrea, Callie and Jo take a picture with their favortie tailors in Hoi An, Vietnam.
Callie poses in her Ao Dai in Hoi An, Vietnam.
DSC_0338 (2)
Callie, Rosie and Couper in the bus on tour in Vietnam
Brandon with his parents on flight to their next Vietnam destination
Andrea, Brandon, Callie and Couper visit a homestay in Cambodia with Narla
Brandon, Narla and the kids enjoy a picnic at a temple in Cambodia
Brandon, Callie, Couper and Andrea at a temple in Cambodia.
Brandon gives Couper a lift