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Travel Blog: Our Journeys Within

‘aroi mak mak’ means delicious!

One of the things I like most about living in Thailand…is eating!  We are very lucky here that there is a great variety of exotic fruit and vegetables that we can make into so many different dishes.  One of my favorites is Papaya Salad, which we call Somtum. Its basic ingredients are shredded papaya (obviously), green beans, tomatoes, sugar, fish sauce and lots and lots of chilies, which are then pounded together using a pestle and mortar.  Somtum is the most famous food from Isaan, which is the Northeastern part of Thailand, but I think that most Thai people have a special place for it in their hearts…and the spicier the better! CONTINUE READING »

It's all about a good altitude!


When I tell people that I fly from the US to Asia alone with two kids they look at me with a mix of awe, admiration and fear. I understand all of these emotions because I feel them about myself…I am in awe that I am dumb enough to consider such a feat, have admiration in my own ability to forget all past experiences and go into each trip with a positive attitude and fear, well fear for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I know the kind of person it takes to travel for 30 hours with two children under three and have everyone arrive in working order. It takes the patience of a saint, a creativity for new games and a calming demeanor to help distraught babies deal with absolute confinement.… CONTINUE READING »

The Idea Guy

My husband is an ADDtrepreneur. This is an entrepreneur with ADD. He is always looking for new ideas and often has several going at a time. Journeys Within, the B&B, JWOC, Nikaya, all of this came from Brandon’s head. Now I’m not saying he makes all of these ideas come to fruition, he is also smart enough to surround himself with hard working people who can take his many ideas and make them happen, but still, the ideas are his. The interesting thing about Brandon is that he has very little ego attached to his ideas. Other people can steal them and call them their own and Brandon just rolls with it.… CONTINUE READING »

Finally a trip of my own!

Only one month away and I’m off for my VERY first trip abroad! Mine and Gavin (my son)’s passports came in the mail a few weeks ago, and it really hit me that we are taking a HUGE and exciting adventure. Of course I was bummed because my passport photo had red splotches all over it and it made me look like I had really bad acne or something – but I got over it. I have been doing everything I can to not pack already, but I’ll admit that I have a couple outfits set aside.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to travel, especially with my husband and my son.
We will be traveling to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, Krabi and Koh Lanta.CONTINUE READING »

Ready To Jump

So I have kinda always fallen for the ‘everyone’s doing it’ idea. That whole, if all your friends jumped off a building would you too… sorry mom and dad, but, umm yea. Case in point:

My friend was doing it...On the way down

This is the case with blogging. Bizarrely I first learned of blogging from some of my Mormon friends. Who would have thought they would be doing something exciting I wasn’t! Well it turns out that Ellie, Paige, Celia and Lenore all have an addiction well beyond drugs and alcohol – blogging! Because of them (and the fact that they are funny and smart) I found the blogosphere and I love it! A way for everyday people to express themselves without having to worry about rejections and publishers.… CONTINUE READING »