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Through Their Eyes – Cambodian Photo Workshop

To get a more intimate glimpse into the lives of each of my students, I gave them a self portrait assignment. For each photo, I asked them to explain why they took it to the class the following week. Most interesting is the wide variety of photographs I have received thus far:

Biv Brom: One of the monks that live at Wat Chork reveals his comic side by taking photographs of what he sees is humorous.

Sreilin tells us about the beautiful sunrise she wakes up to: “I get up early every morning. I took this picture because I love all the colors when the sun rises: Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange and Blue.”

Sara chose to photograph her family, focusing on her siblings in particular.CONTINUE READING »


Today Chris, Gavin and I went to get a Typhoid vaccine before we go on our trip. Although I’m a grown woman who has endured the pain of childbirth (well, let’s be honest I got the drugs) I still fear the doctor. In the back of my mind I kept saying, “Do I really need to go and get this shot?” And then I heard myself over and over telling guests we do recommend being up to date on your Typhoid vaccine – so the little voice in the back of my brain said ” You need to follow your own advice – silly!” So off to the doctor we went….

When I stepped inside the Travel Medicine office I was pleasantly surprised.


Posted by?

So you may have noticed that almost every post says “posted by aprilcole” – then you may have noticed that at in the body of the post there is a note saying “posted by Waew or Kristina or Jeab”… well,  you are very observant!


I just wanted to let you know that while we are starting out this blog I will be posting blogs for people, reading your comments (which I am very excited to do!) and forwarding on comments for specific JW staff members. Our entire staff is equally involved in writing their own blog posts and sharing their personal stories and pictures – I’m simply going to be the one entering their stories onto on the blog for them for now.… CONTINUE READING »

Great Expectations

I was born with an overactive planning gland. That, coupled with my acute case of perfectionism, can be a diagnosis for disaster. Especially when it comes to organizing a last-minute benefit concert in the midst of the spring album-release-avalanche/tour craze.

It all started when my roommate, Nicole, and I found out we were moving to Southeast Asia. We decided our going away party should be a fundraiser (“Rock for JWOC”), and what started as an excuse to get all of our friends together and raise money for a good cause, has evolved into something far more complicated.

We got Highline Ballroom—a music venue in Manhattan that can hold 700 people—donated for our event (thanks to Nicole’s boss).CONTINUE READING »

Koh Samet Surprise

Samed Trip : 29-30  Mar’08

When I first heard about this trip from my friend Joel…I said NO thanks…because at that time I was at Rawai beach in the south of Thailand on vacation. But when I heard my friend P’Tang (Martin) was coming and all my salsa friends were going too, my decision changed. I think it’s not the place that is important but who we are going with!!

Koh Samed is not too far from Bangkok—just 3 hrs drive.  We took a van from Victory Monument (in front of Pong Lee building) and then took a ferry for about 35 minutes to get to Koh Samed…then we hopped on a small open-air bus just 10 minutes to get to our Bungalow.… CONTINUE READING »