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‘aroi mak mak’ means delicious!

One of the things I like most about living in Thailand…is eating!  We are very lucky here that there is a great variety of exotic fruit and vegetables that we can make into so many different dishes.  One of my favorites is Papaya Salad, which we call Somtum. Its basic ingredients are shredded papaya (obviously), green beans, tomatoes, sugar, fish sauce and lots and lots of chilies, which are then pounded together using a pestle and mortar.  Somtum is the most famous food from Isaan, which is the Northeastern part of Thailand, but I think that most Thai people have a special place for it in their hearts…and the spicier the better! 

If you hear a Thai person say ‘aroi mak mak’ then it means delicious, and for a true taste of Thailand I would recommend that you try if yourself from the many inexpensive roadside food stalls that line the streets, especially in Bangkok.  I like Somtum so much I made it myself at home this weekend with rice noodles (called Somtum Sua), and as you can see from the photos you also get good exercise while mixing it together!  Enjoy!

posted by Jeab (April 14, 2008)