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Guest Review from Adam and Heidi’s Honeymoon in Thailand

A open letter to April Cole, our Journeys Within-Honeymoon specialist!
Dear April,
What a trip! Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Heidi and my two week Honeymoon to Thailand was beyond our wildest expectations. The culture, food, scenery, history, and most importantly people were all amazing.
And none of it would have been possible without Journeys Within. Heidi and I enjoy big cities, but we tend to get overwhelmed when we don’t know what we’re doing. But thanks to your fantastic activities and B’s knowledge (she was the best), we embraced Bangkok for the wild, crazy, and fascinating city it is. I liked the durian fruit a little more than Heidi did; she liked the bike ride through Ayuthaiya more than I. But we could both agree on a cocktail at the pool bar at Sofitel after a fun day of exploring!

 We both liked Chiang Mai more than we anticipated. Hotel Marndadee was a nice change of pace from the hustle of Bangkok. And many of our favorite activities came from these days: Patara Elephant Farm (don’t ask me how many pictures Heidi posted to Facebook on this day), alms giving and conversing with a monk, the Thai cooking class, and the hike exploration through the countryside. After the week of exploring, it was great to kick back and enjoy Koh Phangan. The villa and location was incredibly romantic; we felt like the world had given us this secret location just for us. And lastly, The Four Seasons on Koh Samui was paradise. The extravagance, beauty, and service was a hell of a way to end our perfect two weeks with a bang.

I often heard you use the word “magical” to describe different places and events in Thailand. As my friends and family have inevitably asked me “How was your trip?”, I have begun by describing it the same way: magical.
There were absolutely no hiccups logistically in the two weeks of travelling – an incredible feat! But even if there were, I knew that Journeys Within was always just within reach to help us out of any bind. That level of comfort was exactly what we needed for our first trip to Asia.
And more specifically, April, your personal touches in listening to how we wanted to spend our trip, combined with the utmost professionalism and knowledge, made a milestone event incredibly memorable. Thank you again for a flawless and truly once-in-a-lifetime journey.
With full hearts,
Adam and Heidi

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