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What to Expect at the new Angkor Temples Ticketing Office

The New Angkor Temples Ticket Booth – Photo Credit: Narla Phay

By Courtney Ridgel

As we’ve blogged about before, the ticket prices at Angkor Wat have increased this year, to ensure that Cambodia has the funds to preserve and protect the Angkor Complex.

At the new Angkor Temples Ticket Booth- Photo Credit: Narla Phay

Along with the new prices, comes a new (and much larger) ticketing office to accommodate the ever-increasing numbers of visitors that Angkor Wat receives each year.  All foreigners are required to purchase a pass to visit the Angkor Temple Complex (or drive through on your way to something else).   Khmer people are free to come and go from the Complex as they please.

On a Journeys Within tour, your guide will take you to the Angkor Temples Ticket Booth before beginning your touring.

Dana and Chris testing out the new Ticketing Booth – Photo Credit: Narla Phay

You’ll pull up and park, and your guide will escort you to the ticket counter, where you’ll join the queue.  Be sure to read the information about the Angkor Complex Code of Conduct to make sure that you understand the regulations and expectations at these sacred monuments.

Dana, Chris and Journeys Within guide, Santhou, awaiting their turn at the ticketing counter – Photo Credit: Narla Phay

When it is your turn, you’ll need to pose for a photo.  Hats are ok, but you’ll need to remove your sunglasses.

Dana removing her sunglasses to have her photo taken – Photo Credit: Narla Phay

After you guide pays for your tickets, he’ll hand it over to you.  Be sure not to lose it as you tour as you’ll have to show it at various checkpoints!

Santhou handing Dana her temple pass – Photo Credit: Narla Phay

From here you’ll head out for an exciting day at the temples!

Dana, ready for a day of adventure with her temple pass! – Photo Credit: Narla Phay

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