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Ticket Prices are Rising at the Angkor Complex

Andrea, Callie and Couper at Angkor Wat
Andrea, Callie and Couper admiring Angkor Wat – Courtesy of Anna Bella Betts Photography

By Courtney Ridgel, Junior Tour Consultant

The entrance fees to the Angkor Temple Complex will be rising come February of next year. Here are the new rates that visitors can expect in 2017:

1 day pass – $37.00 per person
3 day pass – $62.00 per person
7 day pass – $72.00 per person

Although some are concerned that the fees may hamper tourism, this is really a reflection of the Cambodian government taking steps to ensure that Angkor Wat is protected and preserved. Keen-eyed observers may have already noted the new and improved ticketing and registration booth, and new trash cans around the Angkor Complex to encourage visitors not to litter. The ‘Angkor Code of Conduct’, which has long been in place, is now being enforced by the Apsara Authority to make sure that these sacred sites remain peaceful places of worship, rather than being simply overrun by scantily-clad selfie-takers. $2 of each entry fee will be donated to the Kantha Bopha Foundation, to help provide medical treatment for underprivileged Cambodian children. More information about this transition can be found in the Khmer Times and at Conde Nast.

Andrea, Callie and Couper enjoying a quiet early morning at Angkor Wat
Andrea, Callie and Couper enjoying a quiet early morning at Angkor Wat – Courtesy of Anna Bella Betts Photography

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