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So much contrast all coexisting

In early 2015, Journeys Within guests Orlando and Danielle traveled to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. They returned with this guest review…

Flower making in Hue
Making paper flowers in Hue, Vietnam.

We cannot fully express with words how wonderful our trip through these beautiful countries was. We were so moved by everything we experienced. So much contrast all coexisting at once – beautiful landscapes and comfortable travels contrasted with the stark reality of what life is really like for so many (including some of our guides); such a dark history of oppression and war contrasted – all the reason to be angry – with the beauty that is the Buddhist culture – inherently peaceful and positive; the most delicious food we’ve ever eaten contrasted with the apparent lack of food for so many. Most of all, we were moved by all the smiles – the countless smiles we encountered and the clear inability of people to hold them back.

We are convinced that Journeys Within made this trip that much richer. And while we enjoyed the service, the beautiful hotels, etc., it was those activities that introduced us to the villages and local life (the trip down the Mekong and the Baci ceremony, meeting Sothy’s family, the transformative trip to the Tonle Sap and Konpog Phluk) that will stay with us for a long time. We highly recommend these activities as a counter part to the “beaten path attractions.” And while kayaking through the dirty waters of the Tonle Sap was very tough (and I don’t mean the exercise), I think it was such an important thing to see.

Danielle and I would like to learn a bit more about supporting some the work the Journeys Within does, and are also looking into our employer matching contributions – we weren’t on your site’s list, but are sure the company will match 1 for 1.


Warm regards,
Orlando and Danielle

Cooking class
Cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam
Imperial City
The Imperial City in Hue, Vietnam
Flower making
Flower making in Hue, Vietnam

One comment on “So much contrast all coexisting”

  1. You guys should post pictures at Cambodia and Laos too. But anyway, the pictures above look really great, they show a still traditional but beautiful Vietnam. Thanks for sharing!

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