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A Family Never Forgets: Patara Elephant Farm Visit


The Patara Elephant Farm never disappoints. Located in the Chiang Mai province of northern Thailand, the Patara Elephant Farm allows guests to experience being an elephant caretaker for a day during which time you are trained to approach your elephant correctly, know the elephant’s temperament, feed and check its health, learn about and take care of your own elephant, bathe and brush it in the river, learn how to ride on its neck, and communicate through different spoken commands. Guests also have the chance to ride their elephant through the local forests and visit waterfalls or temples.

Below, Journeys Within guest Alice Horton shares some of her amazing photos from her family’s day at Patara and a thank-you note for helping her and her family makes some memories of a lifetime.

Andrea, we are flying home from Singapore and I want to use a little of the
time to tell you how wonderful the trip was that you planned for us! Except
for one blip, everything was beautifully arranged and executed. Your group
knows the area well, is attentive to detail, and so very nice.

Thank you for giving us experiences we will never forget and a chance to
take a million pictures to preserve those memories.

Best wishes,
Alice Horton




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