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Our hearts (and dollars) go out to Nepal: How to help

Earthquake Map
Region affected by the April 25 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

Here at the Journeys Within office, and throughout our company, our thoughts and prayers have been in Nepal and Tibet these past few days, ever since the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck on Saturday, April 25.

With the toll of those injured and killed in Kathmandu, on the slopes of Mount Everest, and throughout the surrounding region rising with every updated report, and officials worried about getting communications and resources out to more remote areas, we at Journeys Within have been in touch with some of our colleagues in the region in order to put together a list of aid organizations that are helping with the disaster relief efforts as well as the long-tail rebuilding effort that will be vital to the region’s recovery.

Below, in no particular order, but classified by type of organization, are a few suggestions…

Disaster Relief/First Responders:

Rebuilding Efforts:

  • READ Global: “We are not a first stage disaster relief organization, but many of our centers in rural Nepal, as well as near Kathmandu were affected. If you want to contribute to help rebuild communities, feel free to donate to: http://www.readglobal.org/empower. Designate Nepal as the recipients. We will ensure that all funds get to those who most them.” – Antonia Neubaur, Myths and Mountains, Inc.
  • Our good friend Sanjay Saxena with Destination Himalaya is flying to the region now and will provide more ideas as he gets on the ground and can assess the needs he sees.

Tips for travelers in a disaster zone:

Travel writer Wendy Perrin wrote an informative piece – “What to do in an emergency: Lessons travelers can learn from the Nepal earthquake” – with tips for travelers who find themselves impacted by a natural disaster while traveling.

Media reports from Nepal:

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