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An Evening in Chiang Mai

You have days planned for exploring temples and trips booked to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds Chiang Mai. But what to do with your evenings in this Northern Thai city once you have rested, showered and dressed for the night?


Like the city itself, Chiang Mai’s nightlife scene is unpretentious and relaxed. Inhabited by a diverse group of people — Thai residents, students and expats all call the Rose of North home — there are regular haunts that bring everyone together.

For those who tour Chiang Mai and find themselves with energy at the end of the day, here are options to fill your evenings.

Night Bazaar


Open from dusk until about midnight, the Night Bazaar is a hub of evening activities. While traveling Southeast Asia, it is possible to get saturated with local markets, but the truth is these gathering places are for more than just shopping.

The  Night Bazaar can be found on the east side of the old walled city.  There you can enjoy an well-deserved foot scrub, try some local snacks or simply grab a drink and reflect on your trip to date, letting the hum of the bazaar be the back drop for your evening.

Sangdee Gallery and Cafe

Sangdee is a non-profit space that promotes visual arts for the local community. A gathering place for Chaing Mai’s creative types, there are frequent special events in this space.

Enjoy a warm beverage while checking out the art, head to one of their Performing Artist Mondays or check out their calendar for events.

North Gate Jazz Co-op

North Gate

Enjoy the international crowds that frequents this live jazz club and its roster of celebrated musicians.

While the establishment itself could use a coat of paint, this is the spot in Chiang Mai to find the ambiance that only a live band can create.

They have music daily which starts around 9 — get there between 8-8:30  if you want a comfortable seat as this place fills up!

A Drink at John’s Place

Sit on the second story balcony over looking the street and enjoy a cocktail or two. This veteran sports bar located inside Chiang Mai’s old city is a great spot to people watch with a cold drink in hand.

Looking for more ideas? Why not check out this city-wide Chiang Mai activities calender with up-and-coming events added daily!


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