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Guiding Light — The Phnom Penh Team

Usually we focus our Guiding Light on one guide but after an inspiring trip to Phnom Penh we thought we would introduce our team charged with showing of the Cambodian Capital.


As a capital city, Phnom Penh can be a dizzying place to navigate. Even for an Asian city it has a unique feel — whizzing motorbikes, a bustling waterfront and a labyrinth of neighborhoods make our hardworking team a must for getting the most out of any visit.

Though I usually travel solo, and by the seat of my pants, our driver Chivoin’s prompt service and air conditioned car really bolstered the mood of my trip from the get go. (It didn’t hurt that he was always quick to open my door making me feel like lady.)

Lyly, pictured in polka dots above, is our young leader in Phnom Penh. Filled with youthful exuberance, she has a unique flair for life that she loves to share with our guests.

Our other guides, Seyha and Bunthoeun, pictured above in grey and white, are equally interested in showing off their civic pride. While each itinerary we plan is carefully designed, both these guides had unique ideas for those guests who look to them for further input.

Along with being enthusiastic about their jobs, our Phnom Penh team had a few more things in common: a love of food, a knack for jokes and a not-so-surprising wanderlust of their own.

So what destination do our guides put on the top of their own must-see lists? For these three Cambodians the answer was unanimous — the United Kingdom.  It would seem that the lure of a foreign culture, history and architecture crosses cultural lines.

Coming to Phnom Penh? Let our awesome team show you around. I know I had a blast!

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