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We hate to say we told you so about the Son Doong Cave experience…

With tours selling out a year in advance, the popularity of Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave is undeniable. 2014 is already booked up and there are only a few spots left for 2015…


Only recently opened up to the public, Vietnam’s largest cave system  is garnering its fair share of attention. After meeting with Oxalis Adventure Tours, Operations Manager Anna was excited to add the caving experience to our repertoire (and her own bucket list).

It would seems we aren’t the only one dying to catch a glimpse of these caves as Vietnam’s tourism authority has announced that the tours have been fully booked for 2014 with much of 2015 booked as well.

Oxalis is currently the sole tour operator with permission to offer treks into the cave, though the local government is reported to be considering allowing others soon.

In September the rainy season starts in Quang Binh, where the caves are located, and the tours must take a break. The local government and Oxalis will discuss later this year if they should open more tours in the years to come given the huge demand.

If Son Doong Cave experience is something that piques your interest don’t delay! Let us build your Vietnam itinerary around this incredible experience.

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