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Discovering the Hidden Temples of Angkor

By: Anna Baldwin, Operations Manager- Cambodia

What a wonderful Directors’ Week we’ve had! Everyone got together from all over the world – the US, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and of course, Cambodia. It was wonderful to get the team together, throw ideas around and generally just have fun. The fun, of course, included getting to explore the local area in and around Siem Reap, and here is some info on one adventure I particularly enjoyed.

One early morning, I was lucky enough to venture out with Nicole, our Laos Director, and Santhou, one of our top guides here in Siem Reap, to go in search of the Hidden Temples. Although incredibly beautiful, the bigger, more well-known temples can sometimes get a little overcrowded depending on the time of year. It’s no wonder that our Hidden Temples tour is becoming more and more popular, allowing you to escape the crowds and really immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this magical place. The photos below provide a bit of an insight into our little secret adventure but to find out more you’ll just have to book our tour!

The road to...?
The only other explorer we came across
Spot the hidden temple!
We had the whole place to ourselves
Our wonderful guide Santhou explaining some of the history of the temples and their unique carvings
The busy weaver ants building their leaf-ball home
Even something this majestic can still be kept a secret...
And provides more than a day’s workout as Nicole soon found out!
One of the entrance gates to Angkor Thom which most visitors rarely get to see
Our only other companion was a young boy selling postcards

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