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By: April Cole – US Director of Operations and Tours
This weekend while reading Outside Magazine, their “50 Best Companies to Work For” article drew me in. The thing that kept running through my head was that Journeys Within should be on this list, but making this list in a magazine wasn’t why I was so drawn in. What drew me in was just the reminder that I love working for Journeys Within; but what makes a work place great isn’t just loving what you do, but also the environment in which you work.
Soooo – I started thinking about our US office. I started thinking about how now that it’s just Kate and I for the winter, our focus on emails and client phone calls and going over tour details has us totally focused on our computer screens and we have fallen into a bit of a “daily grind”. What can I do to bring the spark back to the office? At the beginning of the summer Andrea and I always have the most incredible time brainstorming and inspiring each other about things we can do with Journeys Within. Through that early summer inspiration the Active Philanthropy tour was born. I want more of that! It’s not that we need to focus less on the details and service which we provide for our tours – don’t get me wrong, we need to stay focused! What I’m saying is that we also need to re-incorporate more of the fun, inspirational atmosphere that makes Journeys Within a special place to work.
So here’s a taste of the things we’ll be starting in the US office:
Afternoon brainstorming walks: I think it will be great to get outside, away from the computer screens, in the fresh air, and just chat about what’s going on and what we’d like to see happen within the company. Yes, we live in the mountains – so maybe our afternoon walks will have to be afternoon snowshoe expeditions – heck – I said Outside Magazine inspired me!
US Office Community support project: Kate and I both support and promote not only Active Philanthropy, but also the Journeys Within Our Community Projects. Giving back is important to the two of us, and I want to have a project special for the two of us. After today’s brainstorming walk, Kate came up with a wonderful project, which I’m really excited to be a part of! I’ll go into that more in a separate post.
Inspiration board: We’re going to come back from our walk and put our inspiration on the board. It will be a mix of new tours, community support projects, things that made us happy for the day and that we’d like to see more of – just an overall reminder of things to do and things that make us happy.
Facebook Fun: We’re always getting great posts from our Southeast Asia team, but you don’t hear much from the US Office. Well, we’re going to start coming up with fun and creative ways to keep you all more informed about the behind the scenes activities, upcoming events and booking processes of Journeys Within.
Mix and Mingle: Kate and I will be going out a bit more, attending travel conferences, luncheons, etc, just keeping as up to date as possible on the travel world and sharing the word about JW Tour Company and JWOC.

So that’s just a few of the new and fun things going on in our US office. There are a few more business items that we’ll be implementing too, but no need to bore you with those details.
So that’s just a few of the new and fun things going on in our US office. There are a few more business items that we’ll be implementing too, but no need to bore you with those details.

Like what you’ve read? Well, we are hiring!  We’re looking for a Booking Manager for our Cambodia office. You can read more about Journeys Within Job Opportunities here.

Want to see who made Outside Magazine’s 50 Best Companies to Work For list? Check it out here.

5 comments on “Working for Journeys Within”

  1. So lucky to have you on my team! We might be a good place to work, but we also have an amazing team that never lets up!!! My only fear…when your brainstorming walks have to take place in real Truckee storms:)

  2. maybe we’ll have hot cocoa breaks ; ) Both Kate and I are getting snow shoes this year, so we’re determined to get out on the golf course and take the trail out there.

  3. I sure wish that my husband and I had not retired from our management consulting practise, so that we could share this post as an inspiration for getting motivated and focused!

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  5. I’m so happy you like the post Elaine! We’ve been sticking to our inspiration walks and the ideas that have come from it have been fantastic!

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