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Ready To Jump

So I have kinda always fallen for the ‘everyone’s doing it’ idea. That whole, if all your friends jumped off a building would you too… sorry mom and dad, but, umm yea. Case in point:

My friend was doing it...On the way down

This is the case with blogging. Bizarrely I first learned of blogging from some of my Mormon friends. Who would have thought they would be doing something exciting I wasn’t! Well it turns out that Ellie, Paige, Celia and Lenore all have an addiction well beyond drugs and alcohol – blogging! Because of them (and the fact that they are funny and smart) I found the blogosphere and I love it! A way for everyday people to express themselves without having to worry about rejections and publishers. Also a way for all the nosy people of the world, me, to get a glimpse into others lives. Thanks to April Journeys Within and I are now online and in the land of blogging. The plan is not just to assail you with gorgeous photos of my kids, though I can: 


but also to give some insight into Southeast Asia and life, as it sometimes seems, on another planet. With the prices in Europe going higher and higher and our good ol’ dollar taking a hit, trips to the Orient are looking better and better. Who can knock a $10 foot massage and 25 cent Pad Thai!  With the countries in the region opening up more and more and travelers looking into heading east I thought it was about time I weighed in on it. The blog will be a mix of my current travels and adventures as well as stories from our 5 years here. We have also included Kristina who is just starting her adventure in Laos, April, who works hard in the States, but whom we sometimes allow over here 🙂 and some of our local staff as well, they too have some interesting insight into the region, it’s there’s after all! Feel free to leave comments or ask questions, we’ll be here, enjoying the adventure!

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