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After living and playing in Southeast Asia for the last 6 years we have had many hotel experiences. We have been lucky enough to stay in some amazing properties and we have definitely have had some less than appealing places…websites can be deceiving! I have done hotel inspections in every country, in every city we go to and we have found some hotels that we feel embody the spirit of Journeys Within. Our Signature Hotels are in all price ranges and in all countries, they are the places that when we travel we like to stay. The hotels that we feel give a little more than is necessary. We consider them our partners in making each trip we run special and memorable. We have stayed in all of our Signature Hotels and we have included reviews from other tour consultants as well as from guests so you can get a real sense of each property. Our rating system is described below, my good friend Dawn Johnson once warned me that it was a ‘socks on’ hotel and I loved the mental image and expanded on her clever description. 

Shoes On: A more basic property that might not be clean enough for even socks…hopefully there would be another compelling reason to stay here.

Socks On: Not dirty, but not really ready for bare feet either. Sometimes this is used for good value for money places that are fine…but could use some new carpets.

Socks Off: Clean and fresh, you can take your socks off and not worry about stepping on anything or getting grubby feet.

Everything Off: This is for those special properties that make you want to get naked! Fluffy white beds with lots of pillows, sparking clean hardwood floors and big bathrooms with only flattering mirrors.

For a detailed list and full reviews of our Signature Hotels go to archive.journeys-within.com

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