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10 reasons why Phuket should still be on your travel bucket list

One of the most common misconceptions about travel in Southeast Asia is that Phuket is too developed and travelers need to look elsewhere for their beach vacations. While parts of Phuket are overly developed – and to be frank, pretty gross – Phuket is a big island and there are still plenty of gorgeous beaches and clear waters to explore. Below are my 10 reasons why Phuket should still be on your travel bucket list.… CONTINUE READING »

Experience Cambodia’s Temples… Decoded!

The team in Siem Reap spends a great deal of time researching cool new options to entertain our guests in the evenings and this season we have come across an exciting new experience which we think is nothing short of exceptional! Bambu Stage is a collaboration of artistic directors from around the world who now reside in Cambodia, bringing with them their flair for the unique.

Using a large interactive model, presenter Nicolas Coffil walks you through the architecture and design of the ancient temples of Angkor, in a show that will truly enrich your Siem Reap temple experience. As a traditional temple is constructed piece by piece before your eyes, you have the opportunity to understand more about the spiritual meanings and beliefs behind these impressive structures.… CONTINUE READING »

Special summer travel discounts for teachers

We believe travel can teach us so much about the world and we want to celebrate those who help teach others, which is why Journeys Within will offer all school teachers and college professors a 10% discount off a customized independent tour in Southeast Asia this summer (travel must take place between June 1 – Aug. 31, 2018). Please feel free to pass along this offer to any teachers who’ve made an impact in your life!  Call 877-454-3672 to start planning your summer adventure.

Sample Tour Itineraries

First Time Asia Tour

This tour is designed for first time Asia goers. Through experience we’ve determined how people imagine Asia and the kind of trip they enjoy on their first visit.… CONTINUE READING »