Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam

One-day itinerary: Cu Chi Tunnels and Dinner with a Veteran

Country: Vietnam

1 Day

Saigon, Vietnam: Take an excursion to the Cu Chi Tunnels (about a 90 minute drive from Saigon). Here you will learn about, and be given the opportunity to descend into, the tunnels where the guerilla fighters constructed an amazing underground base and village network during the French Resistance and the Vietnam War.

To end your trip, you will be taken to the private home of a war veteran of the Vietnamese-American war. Here you will have the opportunity to meet and chat with him and his family while enjoying a delicious home-cooked dinner before heading back to Saigon ready for your evening at leisure.

Northern Vietnam rice paddies

Northern Vietnam Tour

Country: Vietnam

9 Days | $2,363

Northern Vietnam is an incredible area full of character, charm and bustle. Hanoi is a capital city celebrating its growth while still keeping its traditions - women in conical hats dodge motorbikes while selling noodle soup from shoulder baskets. In Halong Bay you will sail through the mists of time seeing a way of life dominated by water. Finally explore Sapa, where you can marvel at the beauty and see a unique way of life.

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Luxury tour of Vietnam

The Great Vietnam Voyage Luxury Tour of Vietnam

Country: Vietnam

16 Days | $12,500

Spend 16 days heading from North to South, exploring Vietnam’s legendary vibrancy through its art, heritage and ancestry. Start by discovering the cultural hub of Hanoi, known as the City of Ascending Dragon. Afterwards, set sail into the mist through the picturesque waters of Halong Bay, then to Hue to learn about the power of Feng Shui from a descendant of the Mandarin royal family, before finishing up in Saigon's organized chaos.

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Vietnam Adventure Tour – Locals’ Special

Country: Vietnam

14 Days | $4,110

We think that Vietnam makes a wonderful destination for those imbued with wanderlust, as it is home to fascinating culture, rich history and astounding natural wonders. With this tour, you will begin in Southern Vietnam and will work your way up to the capital of Hanoi in the North. This tour will take you through the villages and waterways of the Mekong Delta, trekking through the magnificent Hang En Cave, cycling through the outskirts of Hanoi and will finish in beautiful Halong Bay.

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