Elephant ride at Patara Elephant Farm

One-day itinerary: Mahout Training at Patara Elephant Farm

Country: Thailand

1 Day

Chiang Mai, Thailand: You will be met in the lobby of your hotel at 7:30 a.m. and transferred to the Patara Elephant Farm outside of Chiang Mai. At the farm you will be given your training outfit and a brief talk on working with elephants before heading into the bush to find them.

As the day goes on you will hear all about elephant farm management and the breeding program taking place at the Patara Elephant Farm. You will meet the elephants and learn to approach them and work with them from the ground and to take them to the river for their morning bath.

After a short ride to a local temple you can learn about elephants in Buddhism and the Thai’s ancient relationship with these traditional beasts of burden. Around mid-day you will set off for a ride through the jungle to some waterfalls where you will enjoy a picnic lunch and a swim with your elephant in the falls.

Return to the camp in the afternoon and say goodbye to your new friends before being transferred back to your hotel.

Note: Journeys Within’s one-day itinerary ideas are some of our favorite one-day activities – many of which are exclusive to Journeys Within. We do not book these one-day itineraries by themselves, but only as part of a full tour package.

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