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After living and playing in Southeast Asia for the last eight years, we have had many hotel experiences. We have been lucky enough to stay in some amazing properties, and we have definitely visited some less than appealing places. Websites can be deceiving!

Slowly we have started reviewing the hotels we visit and felt that this information could be helpful as you plan your trip with us. On this page we’ve listed our Signature Hotels, these are the properties that we feel embody the spirit of Journeys Within. Our Signature Hotels are in all price ranges and in all locations. They are the places that when we travel we like to stay. We feel these hotels go above and beyond and are our partners in making each trip we run special and memorable.

We have listed these hotels here so you can see our reviews of them and because they are the hotels likely to be included in our custom itineraries. Of course we stay in many hotels, in fact Andrea is famous for staying in a different hotel each night on her trips so she can try each of them out. While they aren’t all Signature Hotels we do try to review them and you’ll see links to additional reviews at the bottom of each country, taking you to that hotel’s review on our blog.

Rating system is described below. My good friend Dawn Johnson once warned me that it was a “Rating: Socks on” hotel, and I loved the mental image and expanded on her clever description.

If you have any questions about any of the hotels we have listed or any you don’t see a review for, email or call us and we will be happy to share our experiences with you personally.

Rating System

Shoes On: A more basic property that might not be clean enough for even Rating: Socks…hopefully there would be another compelling reason to stay here.

Socks On: Not dirty, but not really ready for bare feet either. Sometimes this is used for good value for money places that are fine…but could use some new carpets.

Socks Off: Clean and fresh, you can take your Rating: Socks off and not worry about stepping on anything or getting grubby feet.

Everything Off: This is for those special properties that make you want to get naked! Fluffy white beds with lots of pillows, sparking clean hardwood floors and big bathrooms with only flattering mirrors.

Karma Ratings

Karma: NirvanaNirvana: These are the hotels that have found a project, or projects, to support and then do so in a sustainable and consistent manner. These hotels take this support one step further and help enlighten and inspire others by getting guests involved. Whether through donations, environmental practices, or time, these hotels are talking the talk and letting their guests walk the walk with them.

Karma: EnlightenedEnlightened: Our Enlightened hotels are committed to their communities and the environment beyond just the usual lip service. They find and support projects that help to change lives or save the planet and they do it above and beyond the bottom line benefits. They haven’t yet gotten their guests involved, but they are on their way!

Novice: Like a Novice monk still learning to chant, these hotels have the right attitude, but haven’t taken it to the next level. They “hire local” and give guests the option not to change their sheets and towels, but they don’t go above and beyond. They might point guests in the right direction, but they aren’t yet leading by example.

Non-believer: Though often lovely properties, these hotels aren’t yet seeing the light and supporting their communities or the environment. These are also the hotels that didn’t respond because I believe that if you’re doing good, you want people to know about it!