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Myanmar (Burma)

Where an oppressive government reigns by force, a population finds peace and happiness in the beauty and diversity of their country.

Shwedagon Pagoda rises to the heavens. The temples of Bagan stretch as far as the eye can see. The waters of the Irrawaddy ripples past ancient temples and modern wats and Inle Lake remains lost in time.

An unexplored country now open for exploration. A hidden people now ready to be found. Discover Myanmar!

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Yangon, the center of modern Myanmar. Explore Shwedagon Pagoda as the sun sets and watch locals revel in the magnificence of their place of worship. See the traces of the colonial past all while you stay in luxurious, world class hotels.

Travel back in time to Inle Lake where fishermen row with their legs and local trades thrive on floating workshops. People live, work and play on water, and you can too.

A forgotten wonder of the world, the thousands of temples stretching across the flat lands of Bagan are an awe inspiring sight. Explore by bicycle or horse cart and at night watch the sun set over the thousands of spires.

The Irrawaddy River lazes its way down Myanmar and you can lazy your way along it as well. With sunset cruises as well as multiple day boat rides, a trip on the river turns a vacation into an adventure.

Watch the sun set over Mandalay from the temple atop Mandalay Hill and chat with the young monks who gather there to meet and practice their English with Western travelers.

Experience some of the best crafts in Asia - paper umbrellas, stunning lacquer ware and intricate weaving.

Feel true serenity on the white sand beaches and go snorkeling or diving on unexplored reefs.


Andrea and Brandon had not ventured to Myanmar in their explorations of Southeast Asia because of the military government and its obvious human rights violations. In 2004, however, they were invited to visit and decided to see what they thought, before passing judgment. They fell in love with the sights and people of Myanmar. An incredibly diverse country, Myanmar has it all, from fascinating capitals to quiet mountain escapes and stunning beaches.

While exploring Myanmar, Andrea and Brandon spoke with the people they met along the way. Amazed by the amount of English spoken, the message was always the same: that the people needed tourism, that it gave them a sense of pride in their country and themselves, and that it gave them a way to support their family and gain knowledge and understanding of the outside world.

Once there, Andrea and Brandon realized that they had to offer this beautiful country as a travel destination. Though they know that there are many who dissuade people from going (believing that it supports and condones the government), Andrea and Brandon simply think of the people they met, and they hope that tourism can perhaps help to open the country up to a more free society.

Best Time to Visit

The South West monsoon brings frequent and heavy rain from May to October, usually as afternoon and evening storms. This results in cooler temperatures but high humidity.

From November to May the temperatures drop reaching their lowest in December and January, starting to rise in February. This is a great time to visit, but also the busier season.

With no rain and a lot of dust, March to May is not the best time to be traveling, however Mango showers occasionally bring relief from the intense heat.